Don’t Let Yourself Get Locked Out of Your Home

lock repairIf you sense that your high security lock isn’t working as well as it used to, it’s best to call for repair. If you delay, you may find yourself in a locked out situation.

Common Lock Problems

  • Jammed locks
  • Sticky latches
  • Problem hinges
  • Key stuck in lock
  • Broken handle sets
  • And much more…

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Most common questions about lock installation

1) How can I protect my back door at my house from burglary?

If you only one lock, such as doorknob lock, then you might consider to add additional deadbolt lock on top. If your back door has a window and you already have a doorknob and a deadbolt lock, so we recommend to add another lock, deadbolt double side, so you can have key from both sides. That helps to protect your house from a burglar and if someone is going to break the window and turn the single side deadbolt lock, he’ll be surprised that the extra lock you added doesn’t let him in and he will walk away. You will probably end up with a broken window, but that is the best way to secure your home with these type of locks.

2) What are the most quality locks you can provide to secure my commercial property?

There are many type of common commercial locks for different type of doors, but there are also high security locks that are more expensive and protect your facility in a better way. Also, if you have a restaurant and you have a back door where your employees are working all day, you may want to consider having a alarm lock device and that helps you to get on the spot whoever walks through that door and trying to steal from you. The alarm will go on and only you or the manager can turn it of with the commercial high security key that we provide.

3) Does it matter if I change my locks or re-key them?

Yes, it does! If your locks are in a good condition, then you don’t have to repair them, unless you want to have different type of locks or colors. We can re-key your existing lock on a different key when you move in to a new home or lost your keys. If you buy 10 locks from a hardware store, it doesn’t mean that all of the locks will be on the same key, so you end up spending time and money, in case you decided to re-key your new locks to match for one key. It is really up to you to choose what locks you want to change and which locks to re-key.

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